Game Maker games

Newer Games


In Cannons, you control a team of cannons with the objective of destroying your opponents. Fire an extremely wide variety of missiles, aiming them by modifying your cannon's angle and power. Earn money by causing damage to enemy cannons and spend it in the missile store. You can design your own levels using the level editor, use the included levels, or generate random ones. The game is multiplayer - there is no AI yet.

How to play: See the help page at Google Code for detailed instructions.


Clue is a logical puzzle game where you try to arrange some objects into "rooms" in the right order. You can use clues to figure out where you should put them. The best feature is that you can create, play, and share your own puzzles! If you design a good puzzle, send it to me in the .txt format and I'll put it in a pack to distribute on the site!

How to play: Drag the objects into the room where you think they go. Scroll through the clues with the arrow keys or the triangles on the screen. When you are done, hit check. For a new puzzle, hit new puzzle. More detailed help is available by pressing F1 during gameplay.


Older Games

These are some of the first games I ever created, when I was 8-12 years old.


Pindiman is a pac-man style game where you have to collect all the dots and avoid ghosts.

How to play: You use the arrow keys to move around. Collect all the dots to advance to the next level. The stars give you extra lives, the lollipops extra points. Avoid the ghosts.



Tanks is a multiplayer game where you launch mines against the enemy.

How to play: Green tank uses the arrow keys to move, and Ctrl to fire, and red uses the W,A,S,D keys to move, and Q to fire. See the help file for more information.


Time Center

This is not a game, it just displays some time trivia. Make sure your computer's clock is accurate, since this program uses it. Press F4 while running to enlarge the display.